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JERSEY sheets
These bed linens are as smooth and soft as your favorite T-shirt. They're made out of knitted cotton, which is breathable and durable. The sheet sets come in classic colors and prints that freshen up any bedroom in a snap. They're perfect for year-round use, too. And with their simple yet classic design, these jersey sheets mix and match easily with all sorts of stylish bedding sets.

What is jersey?
In plain terms, “jersey" refers to the method in which a piece of fabric is constructed. While conventional cotton sheets (percale, sateen, etc.) are woven from multiple fibers, jersey is a product of a loose-knit pattern, derived from a single loop. As a result, the material takes on a unique elastic quality — which could otherwise only be achieved through the use of synthetics such as spandex — and a stretchy character, very much like a broken-in tee. Unlike many of its cotton or linen counterparts, jersey is less likely to wrinkle and can feel exponentially softer.